Our bodies can do remarkable things.

With even a small amount of training and practice, you can throw a baseball right to someone’s chest from a distance of 30 yards or more.

Even more remarkably, it’s possible to take a bat measuring less than three inches in diameter and hit a tiny baseball moving at great speed.

If we didn’t know better, this would seem impossible. That is, until you keep your eye on the ball. And when we do, remarkable things seem to just happen.

This message could be about how you and I need to keep our eye on the ball so we can achieve what we want.

It’s not.

Here’s the simple point: Humans can only do what they first imagine themselves doing.

Until you can imagine yourself hitting a baseball, you won’t do it. Until you imagine yourself riding the roller coaster, you won’t do it. Until you imagine yourself eating sushi, you won’t do it.

What about your customers, clients, or donors? Can they imagine themselves taking the actions you want them to take? It takes some skill to get them to do that. It’s why Blue Ocean Ideas exists – to help you tell the stories that allow your audience to see themselves in your story.

Can you imagine your audience imagining themselves in your story?


p.s. For a personal life example of the value of imagination check out Greg’s recent post about dropping Caleb off at college.