An Optical Illusion and Brand Development

Stare at the center of this image for several seconds. Relax. Keep staring.

Did you see it? The colors vanish.

This is called Troxler's Fading (click for another visual example).

Here's the principle: "Unvarying stimulus soon disappears from our awareness." (Wikipedia) It's just like how you can't "feel" your shirt right now in the same way as when you put it on this morning.

The exact same thing is true for your brand. If you don't move, if you don't create edges, if you never surprise you will vanish.

Brands are built on consistency. If you're not consistent, you're not delivering on a promise. But no one ever said that consistency has to be predictable.

Predictable soon becomes invisible.

All of us are so busy that we are forced to ignore the predictable. What does this mean for your brand?

Take a risk,


P.S. Yes, I can hear you now… "I want my latte to predictably taste the same at every Starbucks I go to." You're right. I'm not talking about the quality of your product or service. I'm talking about your advertising and messaging.

posted by:
Brody Bond

3 Responses to An Optical Illusion and Brand Development

  1. Sara

    Brilliant.... and so timely! Working in the non-profit world this message particularly challenged me about how will we share the story of our organization this season in a way that doesn't get lost with every other non-profit's end of the year plea for gifts? Thanks guys!

  2. ryan clegg

    Love your Weekly Ideas. Keep them coming. Thinking creatively is often difficult. These entries are like starks that start my creative fire. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Josh Glaser

    I knew you were going to write about this today. So predictable...

    Thank you for this, Brody. This rattles me in a great way thinking of our organization and our messaging.


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