The Single Most Strategic Thing You Can Do

The single most strategic thing you can do is ask "Why?".

In every circumstance, for every decision, ask "Why?".

And when you have an answer to that question, take your answer and ask "Why?".

Keep on asking why to every answer you get. Turn it into a habit. This will help make sure that what you're doing is an intentional and meaningful decision.

This isn't an exercise in skepticism. It's an exercise in purpose.

This "keep asking why" technique is exactly the process we engage in with client work. Why does that message matter to your client? Why is that a good strategy? Why does this button go here? Why does this link say it that way? Why should we film at this angle? Why choose this music? Why do we think this certain thing is important?

Why do we do this?

Because we have to start with the assumption that know one cares. If that's your starting point, you have to be intentional.

And earning the right to be heard (while having something meaningful to say) is the best marketing strategy we know.

What are you going to ask "Why?" about this week? I'd love to hear about it.


P.S. This is a corollary idea, but it's still good advice from our friend Pat: "You can't just want what you want. You have to want what your wants lead you to."

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Brody Bond

6 Responses to The Single Most Strategic Thing You Can Do

  1. Peter

    Hi Brody, I simply "Cut and Pasted" the About portion of my website below. It seems that we, essentially, have the same job

    The 2e Story

    Every successful project begins the exact same way. Listening. I ask question after question in an effort to truly understand my clients and their needs. Why, why, why?

    After the initial conversation with my clients concerning their project, an interesting thing happens. They are astounded by the number of questions I ask.

    Why? Interesting, please elaborate. That’s great, why do you want that?

    If I understand thoroughly what my client needs, then I can offer a range of solutions. The range of solutions increases dramatically while becoming much more personal, when I understand why my clients need what they need. My goal is to attain a level of understanding such that I can design for all clients as if they were architects and designing for themselves.

    The Project Portfolios show a very wide range of homes, some which had generous budgets and others where money was tight, but they all have three things in common.

    All clients are very satisfied with their new or transformed home.
    The flow of each project is carefully orchestrated so that the home “lives” well.
    Each home is beautiful.

    • brody

      Peter - you know I think that's brilliant. Ultimately, any sort of "designer" (we are all designers in some sense) is fundamentally tasked to solve problems. "A problem well defined is a problem half solved."

  2. "007" Brenda Bond

    I love your articles. They always gives me ideas of substance to help with my clients, and my life.

    • brody

      Cool! Thanks!

  3. Bobistheman83

    Good thought Brody. That quote from Pat is something that has stuck with me for about the past 12 years and something I keep coming back to and when I ask myself "why" I can see why I need to hear it so often. Keep up the god work boi!

    • brody

      Thanks, Bobby. Good, true ideas are things we all need to always keep hearing... over and over and over.


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