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Social Media Revolution: Update

In 2008, a compelling film about emerging culture and technology was released. It's music and graphics (and 10 million + views) put many of us in a trance about the world that's around the corner.

Then, in 2009 and [...]

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Location-Based Social Media is Coming Alive

I've been using Foursquare for several months now. Read our earlier post about Foursquare and marketing.

This video shows a real-time depiction of people checking in with their various location-based social media applications during the SXSW conference this [...]

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Social Media + Fans = Results

Still think you don't need to be using social media? There's a new research study from Chadwick Martin Bailey that could change your mind.

"In a recent study of social media usage it is clear that consumers who [...]

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Social Media ROI

The Idea: White Space (Part 3)

White space is typically a term used in graphic design that means the space between elements in a composition. It's often the mark of simple, clean, and clear design. The past month we've looked at white space in [...]

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