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The Idea: White Space (Part 2)

Information overload is crushing to the soul.

It's why we should all be excited about emerging web technologies. Here's why:

We will no longer have to wade through the mire of content packed into tight, unsearchable places.

The old way


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The Idea: Social Proof That Says You're Worth It

Recently, Mike Metzger of the Clapham Institute wrote a piece called "Peer Pressure". Metzger described a research study that looked at what message motivated people to reuse their towels in a hotel. Here's the summary: appealing to [...]

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The Idea: Crowdsourcing a Petition to a Corporation

Microsoft is making a foolish decision to let Microsoft Word render HTML emails in the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Outlook 2010. The short version is that this screws with email standards, and anyone who wants to send out consistent-looking, well-designed email campaigns [...]

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The Idea: The Trouble With Websites

You're meeting a new prospect. Here's how it might go:

You: Hi, I'm so-and-so from company X. We do this-and-that.

Some Guy: Wow, that sounds really interesting! What's your website?

Sound familiar?

Notice the question that [...]

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The Idea: What Is Message Creation?


only matters if it has


only matters if it has a


only matters if it adds


only matters if it offers good


only matters [...]

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