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Weekly Idea: Why We Are Blue Ocean Ideas

Most businesses and organizations exist "competing within the confines of [their] existing industry or trying to steal customers from rivals," according to Mike Metzger. Those organizations exist in "red oceans."

It's tough to fish where there are a lot [...]

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Wordswell is now Blue Ocean Ideas

Dear clients and friends,

Wordswell is now Blue Ocean Ideas.

We are constantly innovating. It’s what we do for clients. It’s what we do in our own shop. So we’ve spent the last 6 weeks re-branding Wordswell to more accurately [...]

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The Idea: White Space (Part 3)

White space is typically a term used in graphic design that means the space between elements in a composition. It's often the mark of simple, clean, and clear design. The past month we've looked at white space in [...]

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A Little Tool for Thinking of Creative Ideas

About a year ago, I discovered an iPhone application in the iTunes App Store called "Idea Generator". I haven't bought the app, but it's concept seems pretty cool.

I want to explore using this methodology in my own [...]

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Foursquare, Margaritas, and Marketing

We've been learning and experimenting (ok, playing) with Foursquare recently.

What's Foursquare?

Basically, every time you go somewhere – your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, office, gym, appointment (anywhere that's a destination) – you "check in" as being there. Typically, this [...]

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