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Weekly Idea: The Strategic Role of Humility

A few weeks ago we talked about the strategic role of hope. Hope is the foundation of all change; only when we hope for a certain outcome will we attempt to achieve it.

Another undervalued strategic virtue is humility.


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Weekly Idea: Box? What Box?

A sage of mine, Roy H. Williams (some call him the Wizard of Ads) wrote this in yesterday's Monday Morning Memo:

Ignorant people aren’t stupid but merely uninformed; a marvelous advantage when you need a perspective from “outside the [...]

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The Idea: Dignity

Lawyers cheat.

Marketers lie.

Used car salesmen do both.

Teachers are the ones that can't "do".

Government workers have it easy.

Housewives have it easy.

Celebrities have it easy.

Doctors charge too much.

Financial guys are greedy.

Consultants b.s.

Politicians [...]

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The Idea: Arrogance

"All you and Lisa ever do is come home, turn on the tv, and then do your own thing on your computers as you sit on the sofa all night long."

So says my wife's brother who lives with us.


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