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The Idea: Social Proof That Says You're Worth It

Recently, Mike Metzger of the Clapham Institute wrote a piece called "Peer Pressure". Metzger described a research study that looked at what message motivated people to reuse their towels in a hotel. Here's the summary: appealing to [...]

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Foursquare, Margaritas, and Marketing

We've been learning and experimenting (ok, playing) with Foursquare recently.

What's Foursquare?

Basically, every time you go somewhere – your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, office, gym, appointment (anywhere that's a destination) – you "check in" as being there. Typically, this [...]

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Using Twitter to Gain Clients

Mr. Tweet, a site for helping you network on Twitter, recently published a story in their blog about a coffee shop in Houston, TX that used Twitter to almost double their business:

Twitter To Go: How one [...]

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