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A Creative Approach to Email

If you're at all interested in outdoor sports you gotta check out Steep and Cheap. They're one of the many "one-deal-at-a-time" sites that have popped up in the last couple years, selling overstocked items, one-at-a-time, [...]

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The Idea: Crowdsourcing a Petition to a Corporation

Microsoft is making a foolish decision to let Microsoft Word render HTML emails in the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Outlook 2010. The short version is that this screws with email standards, and anyone who wants to send out consistent-looking, well-designed email campaigns [...]

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The Idea: A Free Tip for Restaurants

Restaurants, here's a free tip for how to improve your brand. It's an idea that would offer your customers a memorable talking point with their friends, be subject to many photos, tweets (and re-tweets), text-messages, and, most importantly, conversations.

It's [...]

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Forbes Magazine Lauds Social Media Platforms

The article: "No Contest: Twitter And Facebook Can Both Play A Role In Branding"

What it said

•Twitter and Facebook are useful in corporate branding. But they are different platforms. Users and marketers need to understand each separately.

•Twitter [...]

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