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Brand Development as People

You'll hear us say it incessantly: a brand is a promise.

Brands are directly tied to customer experience. But what fashions your customers' experience?


It all comes down to people. It's the sales people, the cash register people, and [...]

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Weekly Idea: All Marketing Is Brand Building

This quote drives what Blue Ocean Ideas does for clients:

"The art of marketing is largely brand building. If not a brand, it will be viewed as a commodity." - Philip Kotler, Kellogg Graduate School of Management

We counsel clients [...]

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First Time Hearing Sound

I could elaborate on the point that one of the purposes of brand development is to bring the music of your organization to the ears of someone who has never heard you. I could talk at length about how to [...]

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Weekly Idea: Why We Are Blue Ocean Ideas

Most businesses and organizations exist "competing within the confines of [their] existing industry or trying to steal customers from rivals," according to Mike Metzger. Those organizations exist in "red oceans."

It's tough to fish where there are a lot [...]

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