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Weekly Idea: All Marketing Is Brand Building

This quote drives what Blue Ocean Ideas does for clients:

"The art of marketing is largely brand building. If not a brand, it will be viewed as a commodity." - Philip Kotler, Kellogg Graduate School of Management

We counsel clients [...]

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The Idea: Arrogance

"All you and Lisa ever do is come home, turn on the tv, and then do your own thing on your computers as you sit on the sofa all night long."

So says my wife's brother who lives with us.


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Foursquare, Margaritas, and Marketing

We've been learning and experimenting (ok, playing) with Foursquare recently.

What's Foursquare?

Basically, every time you go somewhere – your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, office, gym, appointment (anywhere that's a destination) – you "check in" as being there. Typically, this [...]

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Beautiful TV Ad

I love light. I love light being used well. Light used well is fundamental to any good visual art. Check out this ad from overseas:

I found this on the blog for the Dirt Conference. I don't know [...]

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The Idea: Your Promise

Your Brand is a Promise So, how do you get into the tiny decision-making window of your customer or member? Your brand has to "Starbucks" them. When you say "Choose me," you are making a promise to your audience that [...]

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