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Shameless Time Wasting

One of my heroes said something to me not long ago when I was sitting in his classroom in Texas.

"I waste more time than anyone I know."

Not what you expect from a man who has authored multiple books, [...]

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Making It Look Easy

A day in the life of Topher Cordell, our diligent assembler of technology.

I ran my 4th marathon in the last 18 months on Saturday. I think I made it look pretty easy. And I set a [...]

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Fun, Fighting, and Excellence

A day in the life of Maggie Hoffman, our tireless pursuer of excellence.

I frequently get emails from clients and friends saying "you guys look like you're having too much fun." We do have fun. Fun is [...]

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Striving for beauty

A day in the life of Anna Grace Abell, our designer of beautiful things.

We spend our lives at Blue Ocean Ideas striving for truth, goodness, and beauty. These aren't the only means of brand development. They [...]

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The Alchemist: why does translating reality into story matter?

A glimpse into the life of our chief alchemist.

Story is communication gold when it comes to hearing and believing your message.

Brand development is not about making propositional statements. Your business claims must be made plausible. [...]

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