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Twilight of the Brands?

Due to the forces of the internet, consumers have better information, and therefore brands are "fragile." That's the assertion in "Twilight of the Brands" by James Surowiecki, the latest article in the Financial Page of the The New Yorker [...]

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Love Quietly Assassinates Fear

I was in a meeting this week with an IT consulting prospect when one of their C suite laid this on me:

“So how does what you do apply to our business?”

This client actively manages projects for 100 of [...]

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A quieter week ahead

It will be a slightly quieter week at Blue Ocean Ideas.

Anna Grace is with Kevin in Jamaica. Maggie is with Patrick on a cruise. And Brian and Alissa just got back from their honeymoon in Punta [...]

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"What is Branding?" – Behind the Scenes

[Photos are at the bottom of this post]

This past summer we set out to make a short film to help our clients understand more about our approach to branding.

The quick version: We are what we love. So, if [...]

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Creating "A Day in the Life" of Each Blue Ocean Ideas Staff Member

In the Fall of 2012, we embarked on an ambitious documentary project to reveal a "day in the life" of each on of our Blue Ocean Ideas staff members, Brian, Chris, Anna Grace, Maggie, Greg, and me.

Admittedly, this type [...]

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